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Tue Mar 1 13:13:16 CST 2005

>>> Before you guys start to laugh at me, I would like to itemize some.
>>> 1. The original IBM PC 5150/5160 MB
>>> 2. The HP 100LX, 200LX palm PC
>>> 3. The original Nexgen pentium class PC
>>> 4. The IBM "butterfly" 486 laptop
>>> 5. You name it
>The first Compaq portable; it was notable for it's "portability"
>but also it's high degree of IBM compatiblity (for the time).

The Hyperion - the first PC portable (narrowly beat Compaq), cuter
and smaller than the Compaq. Notable for it's *low* degree of IBM
compatibility. [Actually it isn't *that* bad, but there are a few
differences which prevent a number of poorly bahaved applications
from running] - Deserves extra points for choosing an obscure, off-
the wall floppy drive with reliability problems, and molding the
bezel so that other drives could not be easily substituted. These
two factors gave a bad taste to what was otherwise a very nice
little machine.

I'd also add the Portfolio, as the first MS-DOS palmtop, and possibly
the T1000 as one of the earliest successful laptop format PCs.

For strictly personal reasons, and moving away from "IBM PC's", I
would vote for the Nabu 1600 - 8086 based, ran CP/M-86, MS-DOS,
Xenix and eventually QNX, using serial consoles. I had about 1/2
dozen of them at one time, my first machine with a hard drive, and
the first that ran a "real" multi-user system - but almost nobody
has ever heard of them...

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