Duplicate post notice, please read...

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Tue Mar 1 15:00:47 CST 2005

Jim wrote...
> Are you saying that cctalk gets ALL posts?   If so that might explain
> the occasional complaint that "are off topic" I get on the cctalk
> list.  Some people don't realize which list they are responding to.

Yes, cctalk gets ALL posts. Once again....

Anything posted to cctech is automatically and instantaneously cross posted 
by the server to cctech. Anything posted to cctalk is likewise cross posted 
to cctalk, except it goes through moderation. That way, if you subsribe to 
cctalk only, you will never miss a post to either list. You will get all 
posts people make on either list.

If you subscribe to just cctech, people on cctech AND cctalk will see your 
posts. But anything people post on cctalk that the moderator deems as 
"off-topic", will not get copied to cctech.

So, for on-topic posts you will get the exact same posts no matter which 
list you join. But if you're on cctech you won't get off-topic posts made to 

As a result I can see no normal reason that someone would subscribe to both 
lists since they carry the exact same posts automatically. However, Dave 
brought up an interesting example, where his mail client automatically puts 
cctech in a separate folder. Then when he gets behind he can catch up on 
on-topic stuff and skip the off-topic posts.


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