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Ashley Carder wacarder at usit.net
Tue Mar 1 19:53:27 CST 2005

>  >> C6 A4 83 92 40 C9 C2 D4
> See an EBCDIC code chart...  
>  >> Somewhat related, there once was a company named "Outer Products"
>  >> that produced lovely geek T-shirts.  One I remember -- it said:
>  >> 
>  >> (.)(.)  IKF4084
>  Ashley> Ok, Paul, my secret decoder ring doesn't seem to be working.
>  Ashley> How long before you decode this for us?
> OS/360 Messages and Codes says IKF is a Cobol compiler message.  The
> COBOL manual says (going from memory here -- it's not on Al's site):
>       IKF4084-I -- Questionable use of parentheses accepted
> 		   with doubts as to meaning
> I haven't a clue what kind of code a compiler would generate when it
> spits out a message like that.  My guess is that this is what you get
> if you feed it the source line "(.)(.)" but I haven't actually tried
> that.
> 	paul

Dang it.  I've been in DEC/PDP-11/ASCII mode.  Let me switch
my gears back to IBM/EBCDIC/COBOL mode and figure it out.

I'll be back later!


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