more duplicate posts

Jay West jwest at
Wed Mar 2 23:58:13 CST 2005

Here's the odd part. The list is not doing this consistantly. Most traffic I 
get from the list, I just hit "reply" and the reply goes only to the list.

But on Dwight's post..... to the list, I hit reply and noticed that the To: 
window in outlook was filled in with both Dwight's email address AND the 
address of the list. Digging further, I see that his post on the list has 
the Reply-To header set to both his email address AND the list. But most 
peoples post to the list don't do that.

So far I haven't dug deep enough, but I get the distinct feeling this is a 
client MUA problem. I suspect that the new version of mailman is doing 
something different that the old version masked. More specifically, I think 
the list software is doing something different, but not incorrect.

I'll dig further after sleep :) (and yes, dwight, you'll get duplicates of 
this post ;))


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