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Dave dfnr2 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 3 01:08:57 CST 2005

Hi Bill,

Any chance of your making binary copies of your
working disks available?  That would be a boon to the
rest of us OSI owners.


--- Bill Sudbrink <wh.sudbrink at verizon.net> wrote:
> Well, since my C4P-MF has been rock solid stable
> since I
> fitted the new power supply and cleaned the drive
> head,
> I've been going through a bunch of 25 (and more)
> year old
> diskettes to see just what I have.
> Lo-and-behold!
> On a diskette simply labeled OS65D 3.2 (not
> originally mine,
> acquired I don't know where), I found really nice
> machine
> code implementations of Space Invaders and
> Asteroids!  You
> don't usually see machine code programs on OSI
> diskettes, the
> OS was too crude to have a simple binary loader. 
> Diskettes
> usually have BASIC programs, with maybe a couple of
> USR$
> sub-routines in data statements.  To load and
> execute the
> programs, you have to EXIT from BASIC into the
> sub-monitor and
> then load the diskette tracks into memory one at a
> time.  Once
> you have it loaded, then you GO to the starting
> address.  I
> think that these programs might have been originally
> intended
> to be loaded from cassette tape.  Fortunately, the
> diskette had
> two BASIC programs, each of which PRINTs the
> instructions for
> loading the machine code programs.  I'm really happy
> about this!
> People usually see OSI boxes running rather slow
> interpreted
> BASIC programs.  These two programs show just what
> an OSI box
> can do.  There is no attribution for the Asteroids
> program, but
> the Space Invaders is copyright 1980 by Michael
> Kincaid.
> Can't wait to show these at TCF!
> Bill

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