AM29116DC cpu??

Brad Parker brad at
Thu Mar 3 11:10:45 CST 2005

Paul Koning wrote:
>cycle N-1.  This could produce weird looking code like this:
>      clr   foo ;      bne     bar
>because the bne would react to the result of the previous line ALU
>operation.  It takes an unusually strange mind to cope with an
>architecture like this.  (No wonder Richie Lary liked it...)

heh.  try the TI TMS320C6000 DSP (the 642 in particular).  It has 6
ALU's and can execute 8 instructions at one time.  The loads and stores
are delayed 4 cycles.  If you access a register too soon you get the old
data.  oops.  no pipe stalls for you, thank you very much.

after using the 642 the MIT lisp machine microcode was a snap :-) it
only delays alu results and data fetches 1 cycle.  it's often hard to
find enough work to fill 4 delay slots without nop's.

(don't get me wrong, I love bit slice alu's and the 2901 in particular.
I used to sleep with a copy of "Mick & Brick", one of my favorite books.)


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