Reply-To: behavior was Re: imaging DC600A QIC tapes

Tom Jennings tomj at
Thu Mar 3 12:03:02 CST 2005

On Thu, 2 Mar 2005, Pete Turnbull wrote:

>>> Reply-To: julesrichardsonuk at,
>>>         "General Discussion: On-Topic and Off-Topic Posts"
>>> 	<cctalk at>
>> I noticed this when I tried to reply and saw both addresses in the
> To:;
>> upon checking, I found that Reply-To:.
>> How it got that way, of course, is a different question.
> Probably because Jules' mailer is inserting an unecessary "Reply-to:"
> header (pointless, since it's supposed to be used only when you want
> replies to go to somewhere other than the "From:"), and then mailman is
> applying the principle of "least modification" and *appending* the
> classiccmp address, rather than replacing the one Jules' mailer put in.
> I've noticed this with posts from one or two other listmembers.

I think Jay's right -- mailman may have changed, but it's not
necessarily incorrect. There are few subtleties involving
To:/Reply-To: processing but it's one of those things a lot of
MUAs make configurable.  Pine's "reply-always-uses-reply-to" in
feature-list, for example.

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