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tom ponsford tponsford at
Fri Mar 4 17:03:31 CST 2005

Hi All

The Last UA auction, I picked up about 9-10 old IBMXT/and clones 
upgraded 5150 ?. I don't collect any 8088 machines, I simply wanted 
these for the MFM drives/cables.  Most of the machines had been lying 
around for ages in somebody's dusty wherehouse and some were missing 
power supplies, etc, so I made no attempt to resucitate any of them 
before canabalizing.

After taking them apart. I have all these parts for the taking. Just pay 
the postage. I would prefer someone to take the whole lot. Any items 
left unclaimed goes to the dump.

I can check any of the cards or boards for certain chips or info If you 
need me to.

So here is what I have:

8088 MB's

64K/128K rom,     8088-fujitsu '81         8087-2 intel '80     8 isa slots
64k/128k rom        8088-2-fujitsu '81    vacant 8087 socket     8 isa slots
64K-256K              8088 -intel '78 '81     8087 -intel '80 '81      5 
isa slots
64K-256K              D8088D -NEC           vacant 8087 socket    5 isa 
64K-256K              8088 -intel '78 '83    vacant 8087 socket    5 isa 

UNKNOWN 128k ?? sab8088 -SIEMENS '86    8087-2 iNTEL '84    8 ISA SLOTS
(appears to be missing some mem chips. ie.empty sockets)

80286 MB's

256K/512K system board  CG80286-6 C cpu  C80827-3 intel co-p    6 EISA/2 ISA

PC/XT cards

Full Length  (13")

[2]     AST Six Pak Plus           
    DATA Translation Inc io card (50 pin)
[2]    Black and white/Parallel Card   
    TIC mono/Parallel card
    AST MegaPlusII
    Hercules Mono/Parallel card
    Color Graphics card/no name/ has IBM chips 9pin and RCA jack
    WD Floppy and MFM HDD controller  (EISA  ?) IBM #62X1133
    Serial/Parrallel Card?? Has 2 banks of 6- 30 pin simms
    (high Byte on right and Low byte on the left)
    Fixed Disk (MFM) /Floppy disk controller (EISA)

    TECMAR Graphics Master video card 9pin and RCA jack w/toggle switch

    Serial Parralel Card ? JRAM-3  Tall Tree Systems
    has a oscillator chip and a Mostek 8507 chip and appears (I can barely
    read it...JLASER-1    Tall Tree Systems

1/2 Length   (9")

[3]    Floppy Controller 16.0MHZ oscillator and NEC D765AC 
[3]    Floppy/Serial Controller/Game controller HAve 3.5 v 350mah 
    MFM HDD/Floppy Controller EISA WD 1988

Mid length (7")

Modul r Circuit Tech  MCT HDC MFM/Floppy Controller

Short Cards 5/12-6 inches

WD Floppy /MFM HDD controller [4]
Serial Parrallel Controller   [3]
 Serial Parallel Controller I/O card V 2.0 Winbond Chip
 GP1B Card
 Ethernet t-base 10

50Pin i/o card



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