Who invented DOS?

woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Fri Mar 4 11:13:00 CST 2005

cswiger wrote:

>All I want to know is who decided to use \ instead of / for
>directory separators (warming up the tar and holding feathers).
I think CP/M  had used the '/' in the name CP/M so they had to use '\'  
instead. :)
I have not used CP/M but it could be the fact / was used as a flag for 
single letter
comand line arguments and a disk ( only floppies ) was supported with NO 
directories so you had no problem with '\' for paths.  Still you can't 
tar Mr Gates
since part of the blame was intel suporting 8080 translating programs to 
8080 source code into 8088 code and having to keep all the fun features like
Ben alias woodelf

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