Bootstrapping kermit... D.G. Nova RDOS

Tom Jennings tomj at
Fri Mar 4 14:39:56 CST 2005

I now have FORTRAN IV actually working now. I did previously make
FORTRAN IV "HELLO, WORLD" run, using the TYPE command, since I had
troubles with FORMAT, but it turns out the troubles successfully
using FORMAT and WRITE were actually problems with the math
library functions. I rebuilt the fortran library with the hardware
mult/div and it all works.

So I found an RDOS KERMIT program source. It's actually the output
of some RATFOR, for FORTRAN 5, but hopefully I can get it to
compile on FORTRAN 4.

My problem is more contemporary.

The kermit source text is on my "terminal" linux laptop. I'm using
minicom. I need to do


on RDOS to input the text, but minicom blasts the text out too
fast.  I solved this problem in another world at another time by
writing a "text upload" that dynamically watched for character
echo and self-paced; is there anything like this around?

I guess I could hack something up in Perl, to simply delay 25mS
per character, or something; or extract the CPU card and set the
console speed to 300, bu sheesh, the source is 68,798 characters,
I have to debug fortran4 vs. fortran5 issues as it is, I don't
want to chase down dropped single characters at the same time.

Is there any linux tool to do this sort of console-bootstrap
thing, or a way to coerce minicom? (Delay after newline is
useless, tried that, even 999 mS.)

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