Altair32 Emulator "Easter Egg" idea

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Fri Mar 4 19:03:10 CST 2005

> > > I have a program that plays "Daisy" on the Commodore 1541 disk drive(!)
> > > Miraculous.

> > It does it by knocking the drive heads around. I have a DriveComposer
> > archive that will let you compose arbitrary music for the 1541 (imagine a
> > whole chorus of them ... ) ... couldn't be good for alignment, though.

> ooh, ooh!  Copy, please ;)
> Never checked to see what it does to alignment but maybe I'll run some
> tests and fine out.
> A chorus sounds like a nice idea :)

It's a Lynx archive. If others want it, please ask (or I might just post it
to comp.binaries.cbm for those with Usenet access).

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