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der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Sat Mar 5 00:27:29 CST 2005

> 2) I changed the max time in queue for any message (outbound) to 35
> minutes.  This means the server will try to send email to you once,
> then again 30 minutes later, and then it will just give up on you.
> [...] But it won't try to send you any given list post more than
> twice now.

How does a 421 greeting banner fit into this?  Does that count as one
of those two rejections?  If so, I need to set my subscription nomail
and subscribe another address, so as to get saner queueing behaviour.
(Otherwise, I'll lose list posts at busy times; any attempt to open a
connection from a host which already has a connection open draws a 421.
But if you're giving up on retries, that rather badly breaks the
assumptions underlying SMTP, and I care enough about list mail to be
willing to go to some minor lengths to keep it useful to me.)

> For those sendmail inclined.... I considered setting up a secondary
> queue for slow delivery where any emails that take longer than X time
> get moved to a low priority queue.  Quite frankly, I don't want to
> deal with it.  I'd just get more complaints about posts being out of
> order ;)

If that really is the concern, maybe make it a per-user option?  I'd
certainly turn it on, and can deal with resulting reordering - but if
the actual reason is something more like "I don't have the time/energy
to figure out how to do this" and your comment is just humour, never
mind; I'll just do the other-address dance I sketched above.

If we can work out a way to feed it reliably, I'd be willing to host an
exploder sub-list for people who want more conventional retry behaviour
(and are willing to accept the resulting re-ordering potential), with
the resulting queue management becoming my problem.

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