Honda S800 (was installing XP on Sony)

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Sat Mar 5 04:28:17 CST 2005

From: Fred Cisin <cisin at>
Subject: Re: Re installing XP on Sony
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> "well, it was a polite
> question, with a simple answer, so why not just answer it?"

Any suggestions for a starting point for the main jet sizes for
replacing the 4 Keihin carbs on a Honda S800 with 2 DCOE Webers?

Interesting point, though: I owned one and may even still have the service
manual somewhere; alas, that won't help you with your high-performance
mods :). But if I could have helped you, you never would have known
if you hadn't posted here. Never hurts to ask, I say.

BTW, in case you do actually own one, I think I still have a nice 
wall-sized poster.


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