picking locks

Jim Battle frustum at pacbell.net
Sat Mar 5 10:13:10 CST 2005

chris wrote:

>>Now that is weird.  I read somewhere (or saw a survival show) that EVERYONE
>>should carry a center punch in their cars just in case you car gets
>>submerged in water.  Use the center punch on you side windows to get out,
>>otherwise it would be impossible to open the door....
> Although I can't dispute this idea, I've been curious exactly how hard it 
> really would be to open a car door under water. You have air pressure 
> inside the car trying to escape, and although the door would be slow, it 
> shouldn't cease to open.

If you tried to open the door, it would indeed be impossible to open it. 
  Depending how deep you were, there would be (many lbs/sq in)*(door 
surface area).

however, that is the wrong solution.

Roll down the window.  then go out.

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