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Sat Mar 5 11:26:59 CST 2005

Apparently I am still subscribed to this list though I asked to be unsubscribed.

But since I am still here, you wrote, and I quote,

"HOWEVER, under NO circumstances is it to be perceived that the phrase
"off-topic" included in the subtitle of CCTALK implies that you are
allowed to go off-topic!  "

Now that is double talk.  What ever else could it mean!!!  You must be
a politician by trade or a Lawyer.

Please unsubscribe me from this list.  I was yelled at about my post
yet you yourself posted about using 8" drives on a PC...Horrors, a
PC...and right out of your own mouth.  Doesnt that make you ashamed? 
There have been post since on car maintenance and several other topics
that are totaly unrelated to computers of ANY kind.

I will take my North Star and Nova 1 and go elsewhere for my daily fix
on computers.

Please unsubscribe me from this list, I say again.

On Sat, 5 Mar 2005 08:41:05 -0800 (PST), Vintage Computer Festival
<vcf at> wrote:
> On Sat, 5 Mar 2005, M H Stein wrote:
> > >I don't consider my response either rude or condescending.
> > -------------------------------------
> > Well, the tone of your posts has itself been the subject of several OT
> > threads, but we love ya anyway.
> > ====================================================
> > The rest of my reply to Sellam is off-list, except for:
> >
> > I think my main point is that, as historians, museum curators, technical
> > resource people etc., maybe we have a special responsibity to present
> > a friendly, helpful and more or less mature attitude to the outside world,
> > *especially* in contrast to some of the other lists around.
> I realize my tone at times can be gruff or even seem gruff, and in this
> case the latter was probably the case even if I'm not willing to admit to
> the former.  At any rate, Jim has been with us long enough to know that
> this is NOT a mailing list for general computer discussions (and pleading
> ignorance to this is not a good excuse) and that we overall take a dim
> view to these sorts of questions.  If Jim was a newbie then I certainly
> would have been more humane in my reply.  But he's been subscribed for at
> least half a year.  He knows the deal.
> Why?  As was already mentioned, it's a slippery slope.  You let one
> question through, OK.  But then Cornelius figures since Aloysius was
> able to ask a generic PC support question, and it got answered, why
> shouldn't he?  So Cornelius asks and he receives.  Next thing you know,
> Hortense needs to know how to do some mundane PC maintenance thing that
> also has nothing to do with vintage computing and poses the question,
> etc., etc., and before you know it we are zipping down the mountainside at
> 70MPH towards a mailing list that has no former resemblance to its title,
> Now, you may be thinking, "Oh, Sellam.  You are so dramatic.  This won't
> happen."  To which I would reply, you're damn right, because I'm not going
> to let it happen.
> In thinking about it, the split between CCTALK and CCTECH, and the
> discussions on why it came about, can be confusing to anyone who hasn't
> been here since the beginning and understands the historical reasons
> behind the split.  I can see how people can become confused by the
> "Off-topic/On-topic" dual nature of the split list.  I think we need to
> make it a bit more clear that even though it's subtitled "On-Topic and
> Off-Topic Posts", this does not give carte blanche to talk about whatever
> one feels.  What it means is:
> If you ONLY want to discuss vintage computing and you ONLY want to read
> postings of that nature, you subscribe to CCTECH, which only presents
> moderated messages.  If you don't mind the occasional off-topic banter
> (and there is plenty) and do appreciate a more relaxed conversational
> forum, then you can subscribe to CCTALK where posts are not moderated.
> HOWEVER, under NO circumstances is it to be perceived that the phrase
> "off-topic" included in the subtitle of CCTALK implies that you are
> allowed to go off-topic!  In the very least, you should not expect it to
> be a shield against the flamage that will be blasted your way when you
> post a blatantly off-topic message.  All it means is that the OCCASIONAL
> off-topic message is tolerated because those joining this list have agreed
> to be dispositioned towards them thusly (and only then to a LIMITED
> extent!), but they are still NOT ALLOWED.
> Throw that in the FAQ and make every newbie read it and agree to it.
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