MS Network Client under DOS 3.3 working

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Sat Mar 5 16:20:15 CST 2005

For what it's worth:

I got Microsoft Network Client working under DOS 3.3 on a 386/33.  It
works very well.  I was able to connect to my WinXP system and copy over
just under 500 files.

I also got it to work reliably with a 3Com Etherlink III.  Before, I
whined that it kept crashing.  Well, this time when I was setting up, I
realized that the MSNC setup program advises that it will use more memory
to optimize network performance but gives you the option to forgo
optimization.  I had it forgo optimization, and I think that made all the

At some point, if it becomes necessary, I'll also test on an 80286 and
even an old XT system.

Once again, if you want to download MSNC, I have it all bundled up in a
zip file here:

(Note: I changed the location from where it was before.)

This directory also contains the 3Com 3C5x9 configuration utility, but
it's also included in the ZIP file, so no need to download it separately.


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