PDP-11/23 ODT question

Ashley Carder wacarder at usit.net
Sat Mar 5 19:01:19 CST 2005

Yesterday I picked up a 6 ft rack loaded with a
PDP-11/23, two RL02 drives, an RX02 drive, an
RL02 pack, 3 boxes of RX02 floppies, and a bunch
of cables.  The rack was complete with side panels
and top pink/purple panel.  Today I figured how to
get all 400+ pounds of it out of the back of my 
pickup truck and into my shop with just me and my
wife.  I then hooked it up to a VT100 and powered
it on.

It comes up with an octal address (177something)
followed by the @ prompt.  I'm used to unibus
M9312 console emulator prompts and the 11/03
prompt where you can type in a two character 
code for a supported device and it will attempt
to boot that device (ie DL, DX, etc).

I'm going to search for the 11/23 ODT info, but
in the meantime if someone can give me a quickie
command set so I can try to boot off the RL02 or
RX02 drives, I would greatly appreciate it.  Is
there a command to tell it to boot from the RL02
or RX02?

Thanks in advance for any help that anyone can

Off to Google for 11/23 and ODT commands and to
check Al's bitsavers.


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