MS Network Client under DOS 3.3 working

Richard A. Cini rcini at
Sat Mar 5 19:46:36 CST 2005

I think what you're looking for (for bi-directional use) is the Microsoft
Workgroup Add-on for MS-DOS. Maybe it had been subsequently renamed, but it
allows me to connect to machines in the house and create and use shares for
moving files around.

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> Subject: MS Network Client under DOS 3.3 working

> For what it's worth:
> I got Microsoft Network Client working under DOS 3.3 on a 386/33.  It
> works very well.  I was able to connect to my WinXP system and copy
> over
> just under 500 files.
> I also got it to work reliably with a 3Com Etherlink III.  Before, I
> whined that it kept crashing.  Well, this time when I was setting
up, I
> realized that the MSNC setup program advises that it will use more
> memory
> to optimize network performance but gives you the option to forgo
> optimization.  I had it forgo optimization, and I think that made all
> the
> difference.
> At some point, if it becomes necessary, I'll also test on an 80286
> even an old XT system.
> Once again, if you want to download MSNC, I have it all bundled up
in a
> zip file here:
> (Note: I changed the location from where it was before.)
> This directory also contains the 3Com 3C5x9 configuration utility,
> it's also included in the ZIP file, so no need to download it
> separately.

So, let me get this straight; as long as the client is running on
a 386 or older (even though the files are dated 1996) it's on
topic, but if someone were to ask how to network a Pentium II
running DOS 6.22 to his XP system, you'd presumably tell him to
FO & get the files from Microsoft; have I got that right?
<rolling of eyes & shaking of head>

BTW, does your package include the addon to make it bidirectional,
or is it one way only?

I've used the MS client for years without any hiccups, but it is
VERY memory hungry. It IS free though...


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