minor list changes

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Mar 5 19:11:18 CST 2005

> 2) I changed the max time in queue for any message (outbound) to 35 minutes. 
> This means the server will try to send email to you once, then again 30 
> minutes later, and then it will just give up on you. It won't unsubscribe 
> you at that point, it takes like 7 days of bounces to get you unsubbed. But 
> it won't try to send you any given list post more than twice now. Same 
> reason as above.

Eeek!!! I don't like this at all. My ISP takes the mail server down from 
time to time for scheduled maintenance, it's also failed a few times (not 
often, perhaps half a dozen times in 10 years). I don't think it's ever 
been down for more than a day, though. It's certainly been down for more 
than half an hour

To lose messages becuase of that is not something I am at all happy with.


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