minor list changes

M H Stein dm561 at torfree.net
Sat Mar 5 23:13:40 CST 2005

From: "Jay West" <jwest at classiccmp.org>
Subject: Re: minor list changes

Sellam wrote....
> Can you please change that to something like 3 times with 2 hour
> intervals?  Or at least allow it to try more than twice.  This still
> doesn't help someone who has a 24 hour server outage thanks to their
> stupid ISP (like I've been experiencing lately).
Ok, I can do that. But bear in mind that providing for a particular persons 
mailserver to have an extended outage, means that because of YOUR outage, 14 
other people won't get their email for a while. How far do I try to 
accomodate one person at the expense of others?

I'm still considering options....

Well, if I had been one of those 14 people today it wouldn't have mattered;
as a matter of fact, *my* ISP (a public commercial ISP in a major city
(Toronto)) was down for most of the day today while they moved their equipment.
Even two of our major banks had their respective Canada-wide credit card 
& on-line banking networks go down for almost a day recently, so it does
happen to the best of them.

But I understand your problem, and BTW, let me join the list of people 
expressing their appreciation for the time & effort you put into running this list.


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