2.5V Lithium "AA" sized batteries: Where to find?

Pete Turnbull pete at dunnington.u-net.com
Sun Mar 6 03:48:25 CST 2005

On Mar 5 2005, 17:53, Eric F. wrote:

> The battery is the size of a regular "AA", but is 2.5V Lithium.  The
> company who used to manufacture them (SAFT) no longer does so. The
> battery model # is "LCP 6".
> Picture of battery (and a regular "AA" for comparison):
> http://home.san.rr.com/instep/saft-lcp6.jpg (~42KB)

Lithium/thionyl chloride cells are 3.6V, and lithium/iron disuplhide
are 1.5V per cell, so it's probably lithium/manganese dioxide which is
usually described as 3V.  Varta make an AA size Li/Mn02 with PCB tags,
which you might be able to cut off.  Sorry, I don't know the part
number, but it's still shown as current in my CPC[1] catalogue.

Sonnenschein, SAFT, Maxell, and others also make 3.6V lithium AA cells,
if that's any good.  They're (or were) used in a few computers,
including Compaq Portables and some older Tandon and Toshiba models.

Some companies make 1/2-AA size cells.  They're usually 3.6V
lithium/thionyl chloride and commonly used in Apple Macs, but I think
I've seen 1/2-AA 1.2V NiCd or NiMh ones as well (2/3-AA are quite

[1] CPC, aka Combined Precision Components, is a supplier of
electronics and other items in the UK.  However, it's part of the
Farnell Group along with Farnell Electronic Components and Newark so
you might be able to find the same things on Farnell's US web site.

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