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Paul Koning pkoning at equallogic.com
Sun Mar 6 18:52:14 CST 2005

>>>>> "Tore" == Tore S Bekkedal <Tore> writes:

 Tore> Here in Norway it's quite varied. Bluecom is a geek's favorite,
 Tore> offering very reasonable static IP prices (about $100/year) and
 Tore> stable net connections (3mbit down, 640kbit up = 70-80
 Tore> ameridollars/month).

Having discovered dyndns.org, I no longer see the need for a static IP
address.  I have a static name, that's good enough.  I can even have
one for the TLD of my choice.  Maybe someday I'll have an xxx.aero
name, that would be different...

 Tore> However, as the old saying goes, the only secure computer is
 Tore> the one completely disconnected from any network. That is why I
 Tore> recommend Telenor ADSL. :)

Or ADSL in general, it seems.  Having had ADLS at work, I no longer
have any interest in that service, even if it were available where I
live.  But the phone company says my address is on the "no plans this
decade" list, so I use high speed cable instead, way faster than ADSL
and available today.


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