MS-DOS, HFS, and other file separators

Dennis Boone drb at
Sun Mar 6 23:19:30 CST 2005

 > So, what else have we got out there for file/directory path
 > separators? We've got DEC's "DEVICE:[DIR.SUB]FILE.TXT;1" and
 > uhm... actually, I can't think of the conventions for any others
 > at the moment. Can anybody think of any interesting ones? I can't
 > remember what DomainOS did, but I remember it striking me when I
 > learned of it. Mainframes? RTOSes?

Primos used <mfd>dir>subdir>filename.  I think the syntax came
from Multics?  Prime certainly borrowed a number of other ideas from
that source.

I seem to recall AOS-VS using colons.

Didn't ITS use a semicolon to delimit "directories"?

Oh, I know!  CP/M used "USER nn<cr>". :-)


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