minor list changes

Sean 'Captain Napalm' Conner spc at conman.org
Mon Mar 7 00:38:10 CST 2005

It was thus said that the Great Gordon JC Pearce once stated:
> Jay West wrote:
> > 2) I changed the max time in queue for any message (outbound) to 35 
> > minutes. This means the server will try to send email to you once, then 
> > again 30 minutes later, and then it will just give up on you. It won't 
> > unsubscribe you at that point, it takes like 7 days of bounces to get 
> > you unsubbed. But it won't try to send you any given list post more than 
> > twice now. Same reason as above.

  I'm wondering what brought this on, because I *just* started getting email
again.  I run my email server at home (basically because the coloated server
it used to be on was removed without much notice---long story with that). 
But then over the past week, I moved houses.  My domain (as well as a few
others) have backup MX hosts (two) but I was concerned about getting my
system up and running within four days (as it was, seven days).  

  I'm not sure if any of my email actually bounced (it queued up for three
days on my back up MX servers, then when I tried to have the mail delivered
locally on one of the backup MX servers it was all sent to a friend for some
bizarre reason I'm still trying to fathom) but I'm glad to see I haven't
been unsubscribed here.

  -spc (Not only was I moving, but the office I work in was moving as 
	well ... it was *not* a good week ... )

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