Web forums vs mailing list (was Re: minor list changes)

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Mon Mar 7 08:51:56 CST 2005

On Mon, 7 Mar 2005, John Foust wrote:

> At 08:28 AM 3/7/2005, David H. Barr wrote:
> >> >> Why the emotional attraction to a mailing list as opposed to the web?
> >> >Because the web is shit for just about everything?
> >> That would explain its unpopularity, of course.
> >
> >If it's popular, it *must* be right.
> Given the task at hand, given the needs of the users, given the
> recently described hassles, is mailing-list technology the best
> design and solution for this task?

I prefer the flow and linearity of a mailing list.  I like to consume
everything and discard what I don't care for.  With a web forum, it's more
difficult to keep track of new messages being posted.  And with the
incredible level of topic drift here, it's not entirely evident what's
being discussed in any particular thread based on the title.  You might
miss something you would be interested in or be helpful with.

Find a web forum that acts like a mailing list and I'll buy in ;)


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