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Cameron Kaiser spectre at floodgap.com
Mon Mar 7 09:34:26 CST 2005

> >Any advantage it might yield over the vagaries of SMTP has little to do with
> >its perceived ease of use or accessibility. I'm forced to use web boards for
> >some esoteric topics, but I get enough vintage computing on Usenet and other
> >mailing lists, so I wouldn't make the jump. I don't like pull media.
> (Scratching head:  Web forums not easy to use or accessible?  

Yes. I have to learn a whole new interface for each particular board package.
Mailing list, I just use Elm like I always do.

> Classic computing not esoteric?

Increasingly not. Lots of retro dabblers these days.

> Mail reading (as opposed to delivery) is push, not pull?)

Well, in a highly pedantic sense, yes, just about any content delivery method
is ultimately pull because you have to sit there and read it. But I don't
have to go to multiple web boards and check for new postings; I just check
my E-mail. It doesn't disturb my daily routine by making me do more tasks,
and I get the content I want because the messages are already there waiting
for me.

Some will argue that the boards that send out notification of new topics by
E-mail fix this problem, but then what you've got is ... a mailing list. And
you still have to check the board to see the whole thread.

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