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Erik Klein classiccmp at vintage-computer.com
Mon Mar 7 09:46:46 CST 2005

> Talk about the inevitability of using modern tools to support
> our habit of old computers.

There are those that would fight the inevitable forever if able.  The
Amish still use horse and buggy, don't they?

> A few more Slashdottings on interesting topics and this list
> could expand.

Even without that I think the hobby is growing substantially.  We don't
need some sudden influx when the steady growth may well do the same thing.

> Yes, a web forum would be Different and All, but at least it
> throws away all this haggling about list traffic and MX debugging.
> A little LAMP server, a little postNuke, we could be up in minutes.

"We" already are.  There are several vintage computer discussion boards
out there including my own.

> Yes, I know it would require a modern web browser.  Is this the
> Civil War re-enactor list?  Are my buttons and hardtack not
> authentic enough?  Why the emotional attraction to a mailing list
> as opposed to the web?

The luddites are coming, the luddites are coming! :)

I've heard the same arguments from list aficionados as from newsgroup
hounds about why web forums suck.  The bottom line, though, is that
"Change is BAD!" (tm)

Erik Klein
The Vintage Computer Forum

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