DEC UNI/Q-BUS board physical size?

Paul Koning pkoning at
Mon Mar 7 14:02:44 CST 2005

>>>>> "Brad" == Brad Parker <brad at> writes:

 Brad> "Ulf Andersson" wrote:
 >> Hello Gents & Ladies,
 >> anyone here know anything about the physical dimensions of UNIBUS
 >> and Q-BUS boards? I'd like to know, that's all.

 Brad> I was just thinking about that this morning :-)

 Brad> Does anyone have a blueprint which shows the "spec" dimensions?

Quick look at Al Kossow's website...

I would have thought the Bus Handbook would show that, but it doesn't
contain a formal mechanical spec.

It does show (on page 90 in Al's copy in dec/pdp11) show the overall
dimensions of a M9202 Unibus Jumper module.  That's a dual wide module
and it seems to be full height.  (At least the height matches that of
the UDA50 shown in the UDA50 engineering drawings).  What isn't shown,
unfortunately, is the details of the edge connector.

The UDA50 (hex module) is 8.41 by 15.688 inches board dimension.

As for the Q-bus, those are dual or quad, not hex, but I think that
the mechanical specs are identical to those of the Unibus.

Ok, the RQDX3 board is 8.41 high by 5.187 inches wide, same within a
few hundreds as the M9202, so that suggests the mechanicals are indeed
the same.


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