DEC UNI/Q-BUS board physical size?

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Mon Mar 7 14:05:59 CST 2005

From: "Brad Parker" <brad at>
> "Ulf Andersson" wrote:
> >Hello Gents & Ladies,
> >
> >anyone here know anything about the physical dimensions of
> >UNIBUS and Q-BUS boards? I'd like to know, that's all.
> I was just thinking about that this morning :-)
> Does anyone have a blueprint which shows the "spec" dimensions?
> I could use a micrometer but I thought it must be in a print somewhere.

I feel certain that this is in the logic handbooks.  I have certainly done
CAD drawings of smaller DEC replica boards from the dimensions there without

> And, while I'm asking, anyone have thoughts on what will happen to QBUS
> or Unibus backplane connector if I put a card with fingers which are
> HASL finished (hot air solder layer) as opposed to gold?
> The idea is that a production board would have gold fingers but a
> prototype might just be "blown solder over copper", i.e. HASL.  I'm just
> wondering if the solder will damage the backplane fingers.  I realize
> that over time the solder will form channels and may stop working - I'm
> not worried about that for a prototype.

I think it will be fine.  I have done this with boards without problems,
though I haven't tried leaving them in there for 30 years or anything...


What do you know...I'm on topic :-).

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