The ettiquete of Windows 98 on an HP Oscilloscope

Vassilis Prevelakis vp at
Mon Mar 7 16:01:49 CST 2005

Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at> wrote:
> Presumably such machines boot from hard disk too? (I've never seen any
> flavour of Windows boot from ROM).

Actually HP produced a version of windows 3.1 that was in ROM
They also produced a DOS system that was in ROM and a Unix
system (HP-UX 5.0) that was in ROM (not just the kernel, but 
applications like csh and vi were in ROM as well).

Anyway, today you can get systems that boot from CDROM and run
from a RAMDISK. I have seen Windows 98 (or ME) running in this
mode (really useful when booting off the network) so its not
that hard. 

Finally windows CE is designed to be in ROM and you have a number
of implementations that use WinCE for its GUI.


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