RT11 sysgen and disk partitions

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at gjcp.net
Mon Mar 7 16:19:41 CST 2005

Adrian Graham wrote:
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>>However, the version that boots off one of the hard disks 
>>built into the PDP allows me to access four partitions in 
>>total - DU0: to DU3: - but my own version only has DU0: (same 
>>as normal) and DU1: (same as DU3: in the version of RT11 
>>installed on the hard disk).
> Isn't that something to do with using DUX.SYS instead of DU.SYS or am I
> getting confused with RT11XM and something like RT11SJ? It's been 16 or 17
> years since I last sysgenned an RT11 box :-\

DUX sounds like it's for the XM monitor - I had a play with that.
On the plus side, I've found a disk marked "SYSGEN DISKETTE" that seems 
to have files that might point me the right way.

> Aaah, CTS300 and DIBOL......still got my disks with all my sourcecode on.
> Wonder if they can still be read.....

RX02s?  You're more than welcome to come round and try it...


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