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Chris Blackburn cblackburn36 at softhome.net
Tue Mar 8 10:27:39 CST 2005

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Hi all,

I know that this one has probably been covered countless times before 
and has been shot down but I am new to the list and have not seen this 
discussion before so please hold back your flame ;)

I understand the trouble of unreliable mail servers, I have been 
afflicted with this problem myself recently, so why not look at a 
technology that was specifically designed to fill this job.

We could set up a private news server using INN. This way we could even 
divide the chat up into appropriate groups i.e. ccmp.offtopic, 
ccmp.dec.pdp8 etc etc so that people who are just interested in a niche 
collection don't have to bother with all the talk of other classic 
computers. However people also still have the option of reading 
everything on the list

I also understand that one of the main attractions to this list is that 
it is subscription based which I guess keeps a lot of the spam from 
reaching it. However NNTP does support authentication. We could have a 
web interface similar to the one that we have at the moment that allows 
read-only access to the groups so that other people can search them. 
But we also could limit posting only to people with logons.

 From what I have read I also see that people like the mailing list 
approach because it allows them to connect to the internet for a short 
amount of time and collect all of their email and read it later. I know 
of many NNTP readers that allow offline viewing via synchronization.

This means that people who move about a lot can view over the web if 
they want but it also keeps the people who use their ASR33's happy 
because NNTP is a clean protocol. (By clean I mean that it has not been 
infected with HTML).

just my $0.02


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