list queue retention

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at
Tue Mar 8 19:42:10 CST 2005

>From: msokolov at
>Jay West <jwest at> wrote:
>> In case no one caught my previous post on this, a few days ago I moved =
>> the queue retention time back up to a reasonable value.
>Thank you!
>> I suspect Michael Sokolov is testing this out for me, his name servers =
>> (and thus email) have been down a few hours.
>Do you really think that I, after having earned the trust of my circle of
>friends (who all have accounts on my various servers, and use and depend on
>various services hosted at my data centre) as a competent, reliable and
>trustworthy professional system and network administrator for our Circle,
>would deliberately shut it down, screwing all our users?!  There must be
>something seriously wrong with your thinking if you indeed thought so.

 Lighten up. Jay was just kidding.
>DSLAM and the CPE to sync up.  So the problem detected by TDR, which they
>dispatched a local telco tech to fix, was NOT an open, but something else.
>I very strongly suspect foul play.

 Wow, you are paranoid. It was more likely that some other
tech ( while trying to find another clean line to fix
a complain about noise ) accidentally bent a wire to cross
your line at one of the junction boxes. This kind of thing
happens regularly ( about every 6 months or so ) to my home
line because I live in an area with a lot of noisy line ( water
in cable ).
 Why does everything that happens need to be a conspiracy.
Clumsy techs are much more common than sneaky people. If someone
was actually doing what you suggest, they would most likely have
done a better job. If it wasn't working for you, it most likely
wasn't working for them either.

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