Must have books for Vintage Computing

woodelf bfranchuk at
Tue Mar 8 22:02:12 CST 2005

Ethan Dicks wrote:

>Horowitz and Hill, "The Art of Electronics"
>I have the student guide (a soft-cover companion volume), but not the
>primary book itself.  I did have access to one for the entire time I
>was at the Pole.  Read it cover to cover 3 times.
>Can't wait to find one that I can afford to buy.
One book I wish they had is "Just what do you call that?", in the sence
I am doing a bit of homebrewing and have not the foggiest idea of just
what connectors, nuts, bolts, clips and cable for computer hardware is 
Well I need a dozen of umm them ... Or tables like what hole size do I need
for that connector or wire gage in the PCB layout .
Ben Alias Woodelf
Now that you are back in the real world will you be doing any spring 
and have stuff for sale?

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