Panasonic HHC Basic on ePay

Jim Battle frustum at
Tue Mar 8 22:51:15 CST 2005

Roger Merchberger wrote:
> It's nutjob-expensive, if you ask me  - but the guy's 2 - one he's 
> epaying alone ($50 USD opening bid, BIN for $75) and he's got another 
> complete machine with the BASIC ROM in it for $115 BIN, IIRC. No bids on 
> either one... should I snag the ROM to make backups of it? :-O
> Will another chance come along like this at all???
> Anyone wanna go in with me on it? *I gotz the Eproms...*

I got the impression that the seller is himself minting these eproms -- 
he is probably found the one guy who had the BASIC eprom.  I've seen a 
few of these already listed in the past month or so.  He might even be a 
list member still, I know he has been in the past -- mike davis.

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