WANTED: Commodore PET ROM.

M H Stein dm561 at torfree.net
Wed Mar 9 04:12:05 CST 2005

-----------------Original Message:
From: steven stengel <tosteve at yahoo.com>
Subject: FREE: Toaster video tapes (copies). WANTED: Commodore PET
Also, I need ROM 016 for my "chicklet" PET 2001.
Any givers?


Maybe; can't put my hands on my spare ROMs at the moment, but when I 
find 'em, I'll let you know. Meanwhile, please confirm that that's a 6540-016 
(Basic I, H4) and not a 901439-16 (Basic II, H6), off-list please.

But I'd recommend what Dave suggested and replace it (or the whole set)
with EPROMS if you have the facilities or know someone who does; 6540s 
were notoriously flaky in the long term, might not be long before another
one goes bad, and you could upgrade the Basic at the same time.


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