Visit from Don Gaubatz

John Foust jfoust at
Wed Mar 9 11:09:26 CST 2005

After more than a decade of occasional emails about my 
Terak Museum, yesterday I met 
with Don Gaubatz <dag at>.

He recently moved from outside Boston to Neenah, WI (45 minutes SE 
of Green Bay, at the top of that big lake on the left side of WI.)  
That puts him about two hours from me, or two hours from Madison.

Formerly a VP at DEC, his groups in Palo Alto and Maynard delivered 
workstations based on the MIPS, VAX, and Alpha chips, as well as 
DEC's first 3D graphics and multimedia peripherals.  Earlier at DEC, 
Gaubatz developed the first Ethernet and disk controllers for the MicroVAX.

He's currently a consultant in the semiconductor industry.  He's on
the editorial board of Microprocessor Report, an semiconductor industry
newsletter.  He's on the board for NSF's sci-viz center, and a founding
member of the Computer History Museum.

We talked Terak for a few hours, looking over my docs and assembled
hardware.  It is always comforting to show my three-floor combo
tree-fort / office / storage building and have someone say "Ah, yes,
this looks like my place."  Don said his computer stuff filled two
28-foot trailers in his move.  The visit may spur me to update my 
inventory lists in order to better share docs and software with 
other Terak enthusiasts.

Don would also like to track down ex-DEC people in Wisconsin, not
to mention find the hidden caches of DEC equipment.

- John

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