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> >From: "Jim Leonard" <trixter at>
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> >I should note that, since FDI images are 100% exact bitwise dumps, they
> >exactly easy to read (they're not nice clean formatted-track-and-sector
> >so getting them translated back to an actual floppy diskette is not
> >possible (since nobody has written the software to do so yet).
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>  It is not a matter of software. It is a matter of hardware. Unless
> someone can comes up with a trick, the controller won't do it.
> Dwight

You might look at:

It uses a PIC.  It only has 256K of RAM right now but he is upgrading it to

I'm looking into using an eZ80 and a Flash card.  By using track buffering
it is possible to emulate almost anything with very little RAM.


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