Must have books for Vintage Computing

Terry Yager tyger69 at
Wed Mar 9 14:16:53 CST 2005

I'm building my personal library for vintage computing. I need to
probe the collective wisdom of the list in what books must a "wannabe"
collector (like me) should have on his/her bookshelf.

Although I collect primarily DEC stuff, I don't want my knowledge to
be just restricted to what DEC had to offer.

p.s. Don Lancaster's books are the first on my list. :-)


Lancaster's TTL Cookbook is a great place to start.
The most indispensible book in my collection is _Bowker's 1985 Complete
Sourcebook of Personal Computing_.  This 1050-page (2.25" thick) buyer's
guide is just loaded with information about the state of personal computing
for that year.  (I used to have the 1984 edition too, but I gave it away
long ago).  If you can get your hands on any of thier sourcebooks you will
be very happy with it.
A couple of other suggestions also come to mind.  If you're at all
interested in CP/M, then you should have The Waite Group's _CP/M Bible_ and
it's companion book _The Soul of CP/M_.


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