Mick & Brick's Bit-Slice MicroProcessor Design Re: Must have books for Vintage Computing

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Wed Mar 9 13:51:34 CST 2005


   I'll be happy to post them on my website if you'll send them to me.


At 10:29 AM 3/9/05 -0800, you wrote:
>>From: "Joe R." <rigdonj at cfl.rr.com>
>>   Another suggestion is Mick & Brick's book 'Bit-Slice MicroProcessor
>>Design'.  Hmmm. I was getting ready to put some books on E-bay and I have
> I was digging into some piles of things and
>came on some data sheets for a few of the 2900 chips.
>I think I have for the 2901 and 2911, as well as
>one or two others. If these are not already posted
>someplace, I can bring them to Al to put on his

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