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woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Wed Mar 9 17:18:11 CST 2005

Scott Stevens wrote:

>Somehow it looks like attribution, and your comment in the thread, got
>snipped out of the response from woodelf.  Your 'part' in the thread
To JC:
Well I trim posts amd respond to the whole message. While you may not 
have said
that you did send it and I feel free to reply to all parts of the message.

>I was able to reach back to the original article only because I'v found
>a great email client (sylpheed) that threads the discussions here.  I'd
>be lost without it.
I just got stupid mozilla for mail, it wants to fomat in  HTML ,  
convert smilies  to  graphics,
messup  '>' for  replies  *BUT*  not let you follow  threads.
Ben alias woodelf

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