ASR-33 Saga Continues...

dvcorbin at dvcorbin at
Wed Mar 9 19:45:23 CST 2005

First I got "just a typing unit" for an ASR-33 (thought it was going to have some more of the unit included)...not too useful, but it really sparked the bug...

Then I bought a unit and had it shipped. Poorly packed, it was virtually destroyed (ok the case was destroyed) in transit. Pictures are at  After some re-construction, it is powered up, but I have been completely unable to get the h-plate properly aligned...

So, I wend up to Vermont [I am in NY] to pick up another teletype. This one I carefully transported back (after some disassembly), but once it was back guessed it....I cant align the DA$&*#*@MN H-Plate!

I have been working on those two units off and on since before the holidays, and have become quite fustrated.

Then a teletype appeared on e-Bay, and it was local (actually between my home and work!!!)...special bonus, nobody seemed to be biddingh it up [it was listed at the same time as the infamous $1400+ unit]. I won it, and picked it up. 

This time I secured the typing unit in place, AND marked the exact position of everything with a marker!

I get it home and power it up. The main cam shaft is not properly secured (the hold down just past the gear is broken)...No biggie..I have the original typing unit which can be gobbled for parts. After transfering over the assembly containing the cam holedown, I power it up again..

The keyboard works (NO H-Plate problems [yippie]), the paper tape punch worked [the reader needs to be replaced, but I have a NIB unit for that], the type cyclinder spinds and lifts, the hammer strikes...and a really faint improperly alligned imnage is all that gets printed [Yes I have a brand new ribbon on it].

So at this point, I am wondering how to address this problem...The cylinder is well cleaned (boy was there buildup), the characters look sharp on it, the rubber bumper on the hammer is in apparant good condition [and not "soft"]....

Any clues appreciated... [wishing there was a traveling teletype repairman who wanted to come to Long Island NY....]


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