RT11 sysgen and disk partitions

gordonjcp at gjcp.net gordonjcp at gjcp.net
Wed Mar 9 05:17:51 CST 2005

> Jerome Fine replies:
> Once done, the SET command values are held in the
> DU.SYS device driver file.  You do NOT need to
> do the SET commands each time.  Probably not
> recommended in any case.

Ahaaa... Is that saved in DU.SYS when you issue the commands, then?
Makes sense.  I'll try it when I get home.

> Assuming you are booting from an RL02, then the
> DU.SYS device driver my be LOADed for a bit faster
> response after the first usage.  In addition, I
> strongly suggest you use RT11FB rather than RT11SJ
> unless the added size of the RT11FB monitor has
> a serious impact on the program which you run.

Well, the idea is to load TSX-Plus over it, which requires the SJ monitor.

> In addition, it would be helpful to know the full
> version number of the RT-11 version which you are
> using.  Based on the above SET commands, it must
> be at least V05.03 or RT-11 which was released
> in 1985.  There are certain features which later
> versions of RT-11 have that you may wish to be
> aware of.  the RT-11 command:
> will provide the information, as will the banner
> when RT-11 first boots.

On bootup, and in SHOW CONFIG, the version is given as 5.00.

> Finally, I strongly recommend against the SET
> values which have been suggested since they
> impact very negatively with regard to booting
> RT-11.  You will not lose anything with a

Ok, why is that?

> different combination of SET parameters, but
> you will gain with respect to what drives
> can be booted, in particular from a cold start.

In this instance I want to boot from a "clean" install of RT-11 from DL0,
but eventually I will be booting from DU0.

> The exact nature of which disk drives are being
> used will also help.  I suspect an RD53 and an
> RX50, but please confirm.  Most novice RT-11

OK, this is where it gets tricky.  I'm not totally sure how to identify
the ST506 drives fitted to the machine.  One is a full-height 5.25" drive,
with (seemingly) about 65,000 blocks on each partition.  The other is
half-height, with considerably less on each partition - one is around
40,000 blocks, one is around 16,000 blocks (if I remember correctly - I'm
not actually near the machine right now to check).  The smaller drive is
made by Fujitsu, may be something like M224XAS ?  The label is rather hard
to read.

The other drives are an RL02 (I have two but lack the cable that links the
two drives) and an RX02.


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