ASR-33 Saga Continues...

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Mar 10 17:33:54 CST 2005

> Then I bought a unit and had it shipped. Poorly packed, it was 
> virtually destroyed (ok the case was destroyed) in transit. Pictures are 
> at  After some re-construction, it is 
> powered up, but I have been completely unable to get the h-plate properly 
> aligned...
> So, I wend up to Vermont [I am in NY] to pick up another teletype. 
> This one I carefully transported back (after some disassembly), but once 
> it was back guessed it....I cant align the DA$&*#*@MN 
> H-Plate! 

The first thing to check is that you have the typing unit correctly 
seated on the rubber mounts. If not, the H-plate will never fit.

Then fit the H-plate into the lever on the typing unit (side with the 
deep slot to that lever). Slide it to the left with a screwdriver in the 
slot, then turn the motor by hand (the H-plate will rock as you do this) 
until it will slot in to the lever on the keyboard. Sometimes it helps to 
press a key to release the keyboard mechanism.

If you've got this far, there can basically only be 3 problems.

1) The trasmit clutch engages all the time (even though the keyboard trip 
lever is in the down, untripped, position)

2) Pressing a key does not release the trasnmit clutch

3) After presssing a key, the transmit clutch engages all the time until 
you reset the trip lever by hand.

What's happening on your units?


> that], the type cyclinder spinds and lifts, the hammer strikes...and a 
> really faint improperly alligned imnage is all that gets printed [Yes I 
> have a brand new ribbon on it]. 

Do you know the ribbon is still good (they can dry out in storage)

> So at this point, I am wondering how to address this problem...The 
> cylinder is well cleaned (boy was there buildup), the characters look 
> sharp on it, the rubber bumper on the hammer is in apparant good 
> condition [and not "soft"].... > 
> Any clues appreciated... [wishing there was a traveling teletype 

I assume you've got the maintenance manuals...

>From what I rememebr, if the chracter is darker one side than the other, 
you loosen the nut on top of the cylinder and slightly rotate it. If it's 
darker at the top or bottom, you adjust the platten assembly position. 

Have you been over the lubrication instructions? If the hammer lever is 
sticking, it won't print properly. Personally I'd strip the carriage down 
and clean and lubricate it, but you probably don't want to do that....

> repairman who wanted to come to Long Island NY....] 

YEs, but you can't afford me :-)


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