USB Universal Floppy Disk controller

Barry Watzman Watzman at
Thu Mar 10 18:49:26 CST 2005

What we need so badly is a USB universal floppy disk controller.  It has to
do 8" (single and/or double sides & density), 5.25" (both 360k and 1.2MB)
and 3.5", at least 2 drives of each type.  Ideally totally configurable to
read/write any format, even "non-standard" formats (including 1k sectors on
8" drives, Microsoft's 3.5" "DMF" format, etc.)  Can't anyone design one?
It's way over my head, but I'd buy one in a flash.

I'm desperate enough that I've been taking apart 3.5" USB drives hoping to
find one that was a USB controller with a standard 3.5" drive.  So far, they
have ALL been "integrated" devices.

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