Dennis Boone drb at
Fri Mar 11 14:01:50 CST 2005

 > This is pushing off-topic even on CCTALK but it does apply to
 > documentation etc acceptable to non-GUI machines -- does anyone know
 > of a "graphical" (eg. curses) drawing program that outputs ASCII,
 > for .+n[u,i]x?

On the theory that ANSI draw programs used to be in vogue in the late
80s/early 90s BBS era, and that ASCII art is still used on old systems,
I'm going to answer this as on topic. :-)

A number of possibilities come to mind:

	1. Run something like the TheDraw (old DOS program) under dosbox
	or similar emulator.

	2. Have a look at EDASCII (X app in Tk), cadubi (console app in
	perl), Linux ASCII Draw, etc.  Try googling for "ansi draw program"
	(no quotes).

	3. Try emacs picture drawing mode.


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