OT Troubleshooting: Old computers with modern parts

Paul Koning pkoning at equallogic.com
Sat Mar 12 09:31:39 CST 2005

>>>>> "William" == William Donzelli <aw288 at osfn.org> writes:

 >> I have aluminum foil ... :)
 William> A cheap substitute, but it is actually not perfect. With ESD
 William> safe facilities, you want some resistance, not zero. You
 William> want charges to dissipate relatively slowly, rather than a
 William> quick zap.

Maybe.  I think the main reason for the 1 Mohm resistor normally used
in wrist straps is safety: if you touch a live wire, you won't get a
substantial current via the strap.

Another issue with aluminum foil is that it's coated with an excellent
insulator (aluminum oxide) which may or may not be thick enough to
interfere with what you were trying to do.


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