Joe R. rigdonj at
Sat Mar 12 15:48:26 CST 2005

At 01:32 PM 3/12/05 -0800, Tom Jennings wrote:
>On Fri, 11 Mar 2005, Joe R. wrote:
>> Subject: Sunshine T-5000 IN-CIRCUIT BOARD PROGRAMMER??
>>  Is anyone here familar with this programmer? It's about the size and
>> layout of an old Kaypro portable computer. This is Sunshine Co. of
>> Calfornia and not the Sunshine Co. of Taiwan that made a lot of the cheap
>> PC based EPROM programmers.  Brief description here
>> <>..
>Wow, I used a Sunshine EPROM programmer back in the CP/M days, I have
>the code that drives it still.
>But mine didn't have a 1.7 gaga byte hard drive.

  Yeah! Sounds nice doesn't it! A pentium CPU AND a 64180 CPU!!  Actually I
made a mistake. I was operating from memory and I thought the brand name
was Sunshine but it's actually Sunrise. I spotted them (2) in a scrap yard
yesterday and wasn't sure what they were. But after finding the brief
description at the URL above I decided to grab them and try them out. I
went back this morning and brought them both home. I JUST got in and
haven't even taken them out of the car yet. FWIW according to the labels on
them they were used for some elctronics system on the FA-18. Keeping my
fingers crossed that they still work and that I can use them.


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