HP Integral : running ! Not...

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Mar 13 17:39:08 CST 2005

>     Tell you what I'll do. I just picked up some more HP floppy disk
> drives. I haven't cleaned or tested them and haven't even done more than
> just glance at them but I think there's a 9122D in the pile. But if you
> want to fool with one I'll send it to you for the cost of shipping. They
> were surplused and dropped in the sand so there's probably some sand in
> them. You'll need to open it up and get out any sand AND while you're at it
> you should clean the old grease out of the drive and relubricate it. If I

I would strongly recomend stripping the drive right down, cleaning it and 
relubricating it. Sand will do untold damage to bearings, etc.

The basic sequence is : 

Remove top cover
Remove logic board (and screening cover)
Rmeove faceplate and eject button
Remove eject damper
Remvoe head load solenoid assembly
Rmeove disk holder assembly (this is the bit you need to strip and clean 
the geease off)
Remove disk-inserted and write-protect sensor feelers and springs
Remvoe spindle motor assembly
Remove head cable clamp (under the chassis)
Remvoe the head slide rail clamps, slide out the rail, slip out the head 

You do _not_ need to do a re-alingment after doing all that. Just don't 
touch the steppr motor itself.

It's possible to take the spindle motor apart and get to the bearings. To 
do this, desolder the pins of the FG  (frequency generator coil) 
flexiprint from the PCB), bend up the tabs, and take off the top part of 
the motor (with the FG flexiprint). Lift out the rotor. If you need to 
remove the bearings, you need to turn a stepped drift (IIRC the spindle 
diamteri s 4mm), then tap the broze bush upwards from the bottom of the 
motor, and keep on tapping to get it, and the ball race, out. After 
tapping the back in again, run a 4mm reamer (check this) through the 
broze bush.

If you have any problems, ask me. I've done a lot of repairs.

> were you I'd test them in the 9122 drive. Once you know that one or both

Personally, I'd move the head assembly across, but then I like to keep as 
many original parts in my classics as possible.

> are working you can use them externally or pull one out and then install it
> in the IPC. I think I have a package on new cartridges, I'll throw one of
> them in too.
> >
> >Meanwhile I verified the printer : out of luck again.....
> >The cartridge seems ok, movement of printer is Ok, but no output. Time 
> >to measure the flexcable....
>   If you have NO printed output then I'd guess that the cartridge is bad.
> I've never seen a cable bad on all nine channels.

I have. That last Thinkjet I had in for repair, I had to return as 
unrepairable :-(. The flexiprint was open, not only on all 12 signal 
wires but also on the common wire. _Every_ contact to the catridge was dead.

There's also a little switiching converter on the Logic B PCB in the 
Integral to get the printhead voltage. Maybe that's not running, or you 
have a driver problem. If you need schematics, Dave Colver certainly has 


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