RT11 sysgen and disk partitions

Jerome H. Fine jhfinexgs2 at compsys.to
Sun Mar 13 21:47:02 CST 2005

 >Megan wrote:

>>>The Monitor you're using was Sysgen'd to load those drivers 
>>>automatically. You could probably free up a little memory by doing a 
>>>Sysgen that just includes the drivers you need.
>>Ok, makes sense.  I suppose I have to find an original system master to
>>make my own sysgen.  Though the boot disk I'm using now suits me fine for
>>my current purposes.
>Problem is that it is wrong.  The monitor, at boot time, will fill
>in its tables for devices it finds (up to 40 devices). Except for
>the system device, which is loaded so that it can't be unloaded,
>these handlers are considered 'installed' if the I/O page addresses
>indicated as required in the handler exist.  This does not mean
>that the handlers have been loaded.  Handlers are not automatically
>loaded by RT-11.  They can, however, be loaded using the startup
>command file.  They can also be .FETCHed by properly written
Jerome Fine replies:

I always though that the maximum was about 32 devices,
so I guess I will need to check.

Also, although the system device is LOADed at boot time,
the SHOW  DEVICE command shows "Resident" as the actual
status - which I agree means that it can't be UNLOADed.

Finally, as discussed elsewhere, even normal "properly
written programs" can't .Fetch a device driver if it is
being run as a "system" or "foreground" job.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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